Teacher Profiles



Chuck Rosemond is the Dean of Alternative Education Programming at the Yampa Valley High School.  He has taught in Routt County for 16 years of his life! He first started teaching in Routt the age 30 at the Lowell Whiteman School. He is the special education teacher along with being our dean. He is a very athletic man who likes to go hiking Fourteeners (which is a mountain that is at least 14,000 feet high) with his son. Together they have both climbed 28 different Fourteeners. He has been mountain biking for 12 years as well. Chuck has always been a very outdoors man. His favorite time of the season is summer.


Greg Johnson is the  Social Studies and Language Arts teacher at YVHS. He was born in Chicago Heights, IL. He has a certification in Social Studies, History and Language Arts. He went to school in Eastern Illinois University and went to school for 5 years from 2001-2006. He prefers YVHS then larger high schools because of the freedom we have as teachers  and taking a look at students as whole being instead of education only student relationships. HIs favorite hobbies are outdoors; mountain biking, skiing, hiking. He also likes cooking and dancing. He moved to Routt County in August 2007 and left for two years to teach in Bolivia. After teaching at YVHS he would like to stay in education and move up to leadership positions. His dream in life is to live a happy life and determine success on his own terms.   


Eric Bender is the Science and Math teacher at YVHS. 

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Alission Wither is the Counselor at the Yampa Valley High School and is here to help support our students at  YVHS, to comfort and understand them in their times of need. She studied psychology and got her bachelor’s degree at the Scripps University in Claremont, California. Allison is a Steamboat Springs native, but spent years growing up and also working in Berlin, Germany as a counselor at a school there. Traveling is her favorite thing to do. So far she has traveled 38 different countries but, her favorite place that she visited was Thailand.