College Class opportunities at YVHS

By: Kahlan Matthews

As a sophomore at Yampa Valley High School, I wouldn’t have expected to be offered to take a class at Steamboat’s local college, Colorado Mountain College (CMC). Usually, these classes are only offered to juniors and seniors, so I’m sure you can understand why I was caught off guard. Most students probably wouldn’t be very excited about getting to take yet another class, especially at a college level, but I feel very privileged to have this opportunity, and for free!

For my class, I’ve chosen Interpersonal Communication. This is a big step in the right direction for me, and the class will give me high school, and college credits. It is called dual enrollment.

YVHS offers, and encourages classes like these to every student in their junior or senior year, and certain sophomores like me. As I stated in my last paragraph, these classes are completely free, as long as the student passes the class. They give you early preparation for college and a chance at an early graduation in High School.

During an interview with the Dean of my school, Chuck Rosemond, he said that “The kids have to be able to function in a college environment, which means no high school antics, and what it does is expose them to the college world and hopefully inspires them to pursue their education after high school.”

There is a variety of classes and levels for students to take. YVHS is preparing its students for the real world in more ways than one, but I think that the college classes are the most prominent. All the students have to do is find a way up to the college, which the free Yellow Line bus here in Steamboat Springs helps with.

Chuck has also filled me in on how YVHS has changed since the classes have been offered, saying “Since we’ve been offering the CMC classes at YVHS we have not only given our students the opportunity to have a unique educational opportunity while still in high school, but at the same time it’s created a dynamic in our school that I feel has raised the bar, and when that becomes a topic of conversation it gets our kids to shoot higher.”

In the future of YVHS and other schools, I hope to see lots more students working their hardest to get the pay off in a way like I have. Early college gets you an early start and a better outlook on what life will be like. Trying your hardest to get opportunities like this will really pay off. In the long run, it will prepare students for life by easing them into what comes after you graduate. YVHS and these classes help students instead of throwing the students into life without any practice.

I have faith that with enough time and effort, the town of Steamboat will see more high school teens getting prepared for life, and maybe even see the school of YVHS in a better light. This class and the many to come have opened my eyes to the possibility of a brighter future.


The Adventures Make All the Difference at YVHS

By Jack Ringer

The Yampa Valley High School does these trips to amazing places. They are overnight field trips around Colorado. YVHS takes three trips; one in the fall, winter and spring. The reason that YVHS goes on the trips is that the school likes to try and put the students in an alternative learning environment. The students are enthusiastic about the trips because other schools don’t get to do these trips and they engage the students on a different level.

As a school, Yampa Valley High School does a lot of things people would never know. The school goes on three different trips to North Routt, Denver and Buena Vista.


In the fall YVHS goes to Steamboat Lake in North Routt and explores the area. The highlight of the trip is a hike up to the top of Hahn’s Peak, one of the most challenging hikes in the area.

The school goes on an Urban trip to Denver in the winter. They explore some colleges and go watch a play.


In the spring YVHS goes to Buena Vista to raft and does a high ropes course. Whitewater rafting on the Arkansas River is a thrilling experience for the students and staff as well. This is an end of the year trip for the Yampa Valley High School. The students enjoy the trips and find it a cool way to learn.

YVHS student Kyle Case said,”I like to climb cliffs and take pictures on the camping trips.”  

He went on to say he likes Urban Intensive the most. Yampa Valley High School also does things like play football or even fishing.

Senior Ezra Tebbenkamp said, “I enjoy school more after the intensives because it lets the kids connect more and it makes the school more of a family rather than a normal school setting.”

Junior Seth Caldwell said, “On my spare time on the intensives I like to hacky sack, hike and hang out in my tent and chill.” He also said. “Although the nature is beautiful and you can collect yourself, I still like the urban intensive more.”


The Urban Intensive is where the school goes to Denver and then goes to a couple colleges and explore them for a while. Then, we go to a hotel, dress up, and then go to a theatre play. After the play we go back to the hotel for free time.

The school goes on these trips because they like to change the environment and get a break from academics.

YVHS Dean Chuck Rosemond said, “They are unique, fun experiences. I like the students and the teachers more on these trips because people can connect. I feel that the students take away the fact that they’re closer to the staff and their peers.”

The students feel that these trips are fun and it helps with making the kids happier because they get a break away from school.

Junior Colter Christensen said, “I hope these trips are around forever so that there will be more fun to have.”

Moving On: Graduating Senior Ezra Tebbenkamp

By Hayden Entress

Senior year is a time of reflection and preparation. The future can be an intimidating thing to think about for seniors, but, it can also be exciting and motivating.

Ezra Tebbenkamp, an 18 year old senior at Yampa Valley High School, is planning the next steps in his life after graduation. He has realized that this means embracing new responsibilities and challenges. Millions of high school seniors have to go through this process of letting go, moving on, becoming an adult and realizing what is important to them. For Ezra, although he wishes he would have started thinking about these things earlier, he still has goals and ambitions for his future.

Ezra´s high school experience shows that there is more than one way to go through high school. He has had different experiences at several schools that have helped shape who he is today.

Ezra started high school at Steamboat Springs High School.  He then did a year of online school, but after realizing that those were not a good fit for him, he willingly decided to give Yampa Valley High School a try.

¨ I started out at the public high school and that wasn’t going so well. So, I left in the second semester of my sophomore year and started doing homeschool. I did homeschool for my sophomore year and the beginning of my junior year, but I was not doing well so. Since I was not doing well, my mom had the idea to put me in the alternative school. So far it has been a really good experience. It was my own choice to Yampa Valley High School even though my Mom brought it up first,” said Ezra.

Yampa Valley High School has helped Ezra to see the potential in his future.

“They (YVHS) have reminded me that I can do well in school. When I was a freshman, I just messed around a lot and didn’t care about school. And I skipped lots of classes. Now I am realizing that it is important to go to classes and try to get good grades. And YVHS makes that possible,” said Ezra.

Ezra´s plans after he graduates include going to the New Mexico Firefighting Academy and getting his own apartment, which he will be able to pay for himself.

¨I am going to have some new responsibilities like paying rent and buying my own food. I think I am going to realize all of the things I should have known once I am totally independent,” said Ezra. After he graduates from the academy, he is going to find a department to work at.

Some other goals that Ezra has are to have a steady and reliable income and be able to have money to retire with. Ezra knows that goals are an important part of staying focused and for succeeding after he graduates.

Ezra said, “If I don’t have goals I will just mess around and do pointless stuff.”

In his earlier high school years, Ezra did not know what he wanted his life to be like after he graduated.

When asked when he started thinking about what life was going to look like after high school, Ezra replied,  “It took me longer than it should have. At the end of my junior year, I was thinking I about how I should probably figure out what I am going to do. I wish I would have thought about it sooner.”

Ezra is looking forward to being able to go out into the world to accomplish his goals and make them a reality. He wants to be able to look back at his hard work in high school and feel accomplished.

Other than his friends and family, Ezra will not miss high school.

“It will be nice to create my own schedule. I’m ready for something new,”  said Ezra.

Ezra hopes that his story can motivate, inspire or help students who are getting ready to graduate.

Some words of advice from Ezra to other students are, “I would say to think about what you are going to do after high school before your senior year. I think I waited too long and now it is a lot more stressful.”

Ezra is ready to accomplish his goals and to move on to new, exciting things. One of the most important things that Ezra has learned in high school is that procrastination does not work. It is better and easier to just do your work and to not get behind.

“Being a senior puts the steps I need to take to accomplish my goals into perspective. It makes them more clear because the future is becoming a reality.”

Moving On: Graduating Senior Hayden Entress

By Ezra Tebbenkamp

All adults remember the feelings of their senior year coming to an end and having to began to think and provide for themselves and survive in the real world. Some people transition smoothly from high school and others have trouble. I think that the idea of transitioning from high school to the real world can be scary and overwhelming, so I sat down with a fellow student, Hayden Entress, who is also graduating this year and asked how she felt high school had been for her, and what she’s been feeling as we reach our second semester.

Hayden Entress is a student currently finishing her high school education as a senior attending Yampa Valley High School(YVHS).  Ms Entrance has many big goals for her life as an adult, and as the end of her final year comes steadily closer she is beginning to realize the steps she will have to take to achieve these goals. Hayden has enjoyed her high school experience for the majority, but it’s time for her to leave her home, memories and family to start her own adventure.

As a freshman Hayden attended the Steamboat Mountain School for the purpose of pursuing her love for ski racing. After two years of this, however, she suffered a severe knee injury.

“I was frustrated and upset after my accident,” Hayden told me.

A combination of realizing that she wouldn’t be able to ski the next year and the strenuous amount of time needed to complete classes at the Mountain School soon had Hayden looking for a new school.

“At first I looked into both the alternative school (YVHS) and the regular public high school. In a follow-up appointment she was told by her doctor she would have to undergo an important surgery which would have her missing too much school to successfully attend the Yampa Valley High School or Steamboat Springs High School (SSHS).  With the only other real option for Hayden being online school, she completed her junior year at home on a computer.

After finishing her junior year at home Hayden decided the come to the Yampa Valley High School.

When I asked why, She answered, “I like the way the YVHS is run with their curriculum and schedule, along with the small classroom environment.” Now that Hayden is attending YVHS and has had time to experience it firsthand for herself she says that she enjoys, “No homework and the personal time to think about what I want to do after high school. It also frees up more time for activities I enjoy doing.”

Hayden shared with me that after high school she would like to become apart of the medical field including, specific interests in bio and neuroscience.

When I asked her how her parents had influenced her decision making regarding plans after high school she replied, “”They have been very supportive in my decision making, but has felt some pressure to look at certain colleges.”

Hayden told me she knows things will change when she no longer lives under her parent’s roof and realizes that there will be new challenges that she must face.

When I asked Hayden what she felt she was most excited and worried about for the future without the parental guidance she answered, “I’m definitely worried about finances and the responsibilities of being on my own, but also excited for the chance the manage my own schedule and time”

If Hayden could go back and give herself any advice at the beginning of her high school adventure she said, “I  would tell her- don’t doubt yourself because if you doubt yourself then you won’t accomplish your dreams, set the bar high.”

Hayden still has a long adventurous journey ahead of her, but with her continued hard work and dedication she can reach any goal she sets. This will all continue at BYU-Idaho pursuing what life has planned next.

Where to Find Teen Fashion in Steamboat Springs!

By Avery Anderson

Finding clothes in small towns is hard when there are no major clothing outlets. It is especially hard when you are a teenager looking for the newest trends in young women’s fashion. Steamboat is one of these small towns, but we have a variety of boutiques that can fit a teenage girls clothing needs. Steamboat has boutiques that vary in uniqueness, price and style, all found downtown.

Each one of the boutiques has unique qualities that others don’t. Kali’s boutique for instance opened in 1997 on the mountain then soon moved downtown where the store could gain more popularity. The owner travels to shows to keep up with the trends and see what will best fit the store. The store has pre-priced clothes and negotiable clothes, it is on the higher end of clothing. “We keep up with the trends, but don’t want to be too trendy,” said Megan the store manager. Kali’s selects clothing that is trending and things that are a bit different from popular styles. Nothing that is sold out will re-enter the store, so nothing will be the same when customers come back.

Ruby Jane’s Boutique is fairly new to Steamboat and brings a nice mountain chic style for all ages. This boutique opened in June 2017. This is the sixth to open in Colorado. The owner has different selections for the store’s prices ranging from high to low. The inventory the owner chose for Steamboat is mountain chic. The manager Ashley states that one of the best parts of the job is, “seeing mothers and daughters come into the store and both leave with something.” The store also carries a variety of jewellery which has been a unique quality compared to other stores.

Chrysalis building has had a history in women’s clothing for about forty years with different names for each store. The styles are selected by a buyer who sees what fashions will target women in Steamboat, but unlike some stores, the buyer does not like to get anything that is too radically different. One of the nice things about Chrysalis is that when the buyer gets a good deal than that gets passed on to the customers. The store has a big local following with support from a variety of ages.

Fringe opened in December 2015 and has gained popularity more each day. The selection of clothing has a wide variety of prices, but you can find deals among the wide range of clothing. Prices are given, but if the online clothing prices drop the store likes to immediately follow; the same goes for the company store. Fringe also has a play area which is distinctive to there store, and nice for mom and big sister.

Urbane opened 11 years ago at the time the store was tailored toward snowboard equipment, but then it evolved into the skate/clothing store seen in Steamboat today. The owner goes to a lot of trade shows and tries to bring back the stiles from big cities so that Steamboat is not left out of the fash world. Urbane is geared to a younger crowd, but whole families can come in and find something they love. People can walk out of the store with something the might not buy, but with help, they can find something that fits their desires and expands the wardrobe. The manager Apple said, “Steamboat is kind of behind the times and Urbane helps to bring in the new trends.”

When searching these classy boutiques it can seem hard to find well-priced clothing, but I assure buyers that there are well-priced clothes that will fit your style in one of these boutiques. When shopping in Steamboat also remember clothing is unique to each of the stores, so there is no need to worry about having the same shirt as someone around town. Overall each of the stores has an amazing staff and great clothing at affordable prices and not so affordable prices.

Let’s Grab a Slice

By Lauren Schneegas

I know how hard it is to find the perfect place to grab a slice of pizza, especially if you are on lunch break at school. To make life a little easier for the student who just wants to know where to grab a slice in Steamboat Springs without getting disappointed, I have investigated the two most popular pizzerias: Brooklyn’s Pizzeria and Blue Sage Pizza. I have visited both of these restaurants and compiled a list of 5 things that I wanted to investigate. Those 5 things are: price, size, crust, greasiness, and flavor.

The first pizzeria I went to was Blue Sage. The price of the pizza was $4.00. Investigating further, I noticed that Blue Sage has a wide variety of slices to choose from. From just cheese all the way to a deep pan margherita pizza. The slices were very large and satisfying. The crust was fluffy, but the pizza itself was really greasy. Personally, I do not like a lot of grease but some people do, and if you like the grease, this is the perfect place for your grease needs.

blue sage pizza

A few days after checking Blue Sage out, I figured I needed another pizza fix. So, I went over to Brooklyns. They only had two slices to choose from: cheese and pepperoni. One slice is $3.00 and was not very big. The crust was a classic brooklyn pizza crust and was also very greasy. I would say 2 of Brooklyn’s slices would amount to one of Blue Sage’s. Despite the grease and the size, the pizza itself was pretty darn good.

brooklyns pizza (1)

Overall, my investigation was a tasty success. I would highly recommend Blue Sage if you are hungry and want to have more choices than the classic cheese and pepperoni. The slices are bigger so if you have $6.00, you can get one slice at Blue Sage rather than two at brooklyn’s and feel the same amount of satisfaction. However, I would recommend you still try both pizzerias and pick what your personal favorite is.


The Ramen Epidemic: Part 1, How it Began

By Colter Christensen

At the beginning of the year the school Yampa Valley High School did something that has never been tried here before. They gave the kids something incredibly generous, RAMEN!!! The ramen was a hot topic in the beginning of the year as the school was selling it like crazy. The kitchen quickly became the place to be. People were constantly waiting for the microwave.

Time became a big issue with the whole thing. School wasn’t the priority any more. People were fixated on the ramen. They didn’t care if they didn’t got to class on time. All they cared about was fulfilling their noodle craving. By the time they were finished with the delicious, salty dish they didn’t have time to clean up the mess they had created. Walking into the kitchen and seeing what was left was disturbing. The remains of the chaos that took place the class break before left a chilling image. You could only imagine what had happened moments before.

This continued for months. The Crew (YVHS’s Home Room) who cleaned the kitchen were in a rage every afternoon for the mess they were forced to clean up. One of the problems was that kids who didn’t have to clean up the kitchen didn’t care what kind of mess they left because it wasn’t theirs to clean up.

The kitchen crew had had enough and so did the teachers, the last mess had been the straw that broke the camel’s back. All the students came to school thinking it was going to be a regular school day. During the first class period we heard a bloodcurdling scream from the halls. Despite warnings from the teachers, we all ran out of the classrooms to see what had happened. A young student screaming outside our counselor Allison’s office. 

“What happened,” said one of the students at the front of the massive horde of people that had built up.  

With fear in her voice, “Its gone… its all gone,” she exclaimed!

“Whats gone?”

“The ramen,” said a loud booming voice from far in the back. It was Chuck Rosemond, our Dean of Students. 

The crowd let out a huge gasp.

Next, on the Ramen Epidemic: Part 2, protests in the school, and finding the solution.