Floating to Tranquility

By Porter Schweikert

In a thriving community of unique individuals we find our mountainous bodies achy and sore from outdoor activity and laborious high altitude work. Our brains seem to be worn out as well thanks to the seasonally changing natural surroundings that isolate us and our small town issues. Sometimes all we crave is some deep relaxation and time to experience the astounding complexity of our ourselves. Although a good night’s sleep is essential to our body’s ability to function, it’s easier and more enjoyable to achieve wellness, physical / mental recovery, and meditative a state in the form of sensory deprivation. But what exactly is sensory deprivation, and how does such a simply profound practice benefit us to such a great extent?

 Sensory deprivation is a process by which someone is deprived of normal external stimuli such as sight and sound for an extended period of time, typically 30-90 minutes a session. Here in Steamboat Springs a family owns a float spa called Neptune Float Spa which welcomes the community to experience its profound measures of healing, wellness, and consciousness using sensory deprivation.  

To elaborate, a series of completely private float chambers shaped like other worldly pods contain mineral rich waters including zinc, salts, and skin healing qualities that are heated to your body’s temperature to provide a zero gravity like environment. This in turn relieves stress from ligaments, muscles, and bones.

According to Valerie, “Mentally you can expect a break from reality and mental stressors as sight and sound are completely eliminated allowing your brain’s creativity and complexity to explode, causing a feeling of well being or mild fear.”

However, overall a float will heal your mind and body to a remarkable extent all the while leaving you in a peaceful daze like dreamstate.

 When entering the premises of the spa itself expect to find a cozy,aromatic, and nicely decorated body of space with a relaxing touch of ambient light. All ages are welcome 7 days a week to take advantage of floating and gong immersion therapy at Neptune Float Spa.  “All body shapes and sizes are welcome as the float pod fits all sizes,” said Valerie McCarthy.

A business run on passion with the intent to earn a dollar or two makes this business a fundamental place in the community that can be appreciated by all.

Overall Neptune Float Spa coexists bodily healing with different levels of mental consciousness not normally experienced which in turn brings us happiness and relief. Likewise Neptune fits very well in the community seeing as how literally anyone can take advantage of the vast array of beneficial values if committed. Whether you’re in need of genuinely caring, and passionate  people or relief from reality and the stresses that come along with being human  Neptune Float Spa will certainly get you the right treatment for a dollar well spent.