Healing With Music

By Noah Bacenko

Music With Vision is an organization that wants to connect with teens and adolescents. It aims to help them heal and grow through music. Music With Vision tries to help people with problems and addictions of any kind.

Music With Vision was made in collaboration with multiple non-profit agencies that share a desire to help at-risk teens and adolescents. They want to give the kids the opportunity to connect with other people by creating bonds and giving resiliency training through music. Music With Vision is not only a music program, it also addresses the root cause of addiction, depression, and other serious health issues in our community.

There is science to back this up. According to psychologist Daniel J. Levitin and his postgraduate research fellow, Mona Lisa Chanda, music improves the body’s immune system function and reduces stress. Also, according to people at Harvard, music therapy can help with people who are recovering from a stroke or a traumatic brain injury that has damaged the left side of the brain which is responsible for speech.

Music With Vision is about helping create a place of safety, and the opportunity to raise teens and adolescents self confidence with music. By utilizing music, Music With Vision is able to develop trusted relationships that lead to connectivity and other resilient traits. They’re there to help people with depression and addictions, but they are also there to teach people to play instruments and jam out.

Henery Howard introducing the Music With Vision ideas to YVHS students at the St. Paul Episcopal Church

Music with Vision’s main location is at St Paul’s Episcopal Church on the corner of 9th and Oak St. in Steamboat Springs, CO, but they also use the stage at Sk8 Church as another resource. It’s mainly used for lessons and recording. People can contact Program Director, Henry Howard, personally, by going to www.musicwithvision.org/application, or they can go to events that are held by Music With Vision.

Music With Vision picked music to connect with teens and adolescents because everyone loves music and the connection that comes with it. It is a universal language and music doesn’t ever lose value. Henry brought up how Bob Marley once said, “you never feel pain when music hits you.”

Henry also said ¨Its a community resource opportunity for collaborations with both young and old generations¨

Henry became part of Music with Vision because of his passion for music and he has had people he has known have had trouble with depression and/or addictions. Music With Vision has connections to Sk8 Church, Routt County, Ohana, the faith community, and they have a partnership with North West Health. They are also hoping to eventually have connections with the Boys and Girls Club.

Music With Vision is an overall great place to go for help if you need it, or even just to have a place to go just to jam out and have fun. People go there just to learn guitar, piano, drums, any instrument really that people want to learn and they try their best to help out and teach them.