College Class opportunities at YVHS

By: Kahlan Matthews

As a sophomore at Yampa Valley High School, I wouldn’t have expected to be offered to take a class at Steamboat’s local college, Colorado Mountain College (CMC). Usually, these classes are only offered to juniors and seniors, so I’m sure you can understand why I was caught off guard. Most students probably wouldn’t be very excited about getting to take yet another class, especially at a college level, but I feel very privileged to have this opportunity, and for free!

For my class, I’ve chosen Interpersonal Communication. This is a big step in the right direction for me, and the class will give me high school, and college credits. It is called dual enrollment.

YVHS offers, and encourages classes like these to every student in their junior or senior year, and certain sophomores like me. As I stated in my last paragraph, these classes are completely free, as long as the student passes the class. They give you early preparation for college and a chance at an early graduation in High School.

During an interview with the Dean of my school, Chuck Rosemond, he said that “The kids have to be able to function in a college environment, which means no high school antics, and what it does is expose them to the college world and hopefully inspires them to pursue their education after high school.”

There is a variety of classes and levels for students to take. YVHS is preparing its students for the real world in more ways than one, but I think that the college classes are the most prominent. All the students have to do is find a way up to the college, which the free Yellow Line bus here in Steamboat Springs helps with.

Chuck has also filled me in on how YVHS has changed since the classes have been offered, saying “Since we’ve been offering the CMC classes at YVHS we have not only given our students the opportunity to have a unique educational opportunity while still in high school, but at the same time it’s created a dynamic in our school that I feel has raised the bar, and when that becomes a topic of conversation it gets our kids to shoot higher.”

In the future of YVHS and other schools, I hope to see lots more students working their hardest to get the pay off in a way like I have. Early college gets you an early start and a better outlook on what life will be like. Trying your hardest to get opportunities like this will really pay off. In the long run, it will prepare students for life by easing them into what comes after you graduate. YVHS and these classes help students instead of throwing the students into life without any practice.

I have faith that with enough time and effort, the town of Steamboat will see more high school teens getting prepared for life, and maybe even see the school of YVHS in a better light. This class and the many to come have opened my eyes to the possibility of a brighter future.


Opportunities for YVHS Students at CMC

George Decorte– At Yampa Valley High School (YVHS) the juniors and seniors have a class every Tuesday for a hour and twenty minutes at Colorado Mountain College (CMC).  There is only one teacher for this class and her name is Hadley Nylen.  When asked the purpose of the class Hadley said, “Students learn about time management, empathy and diversity, learning styles, degree and certificate programs available, communication skills, healthy lifestyles, and money management”.

The reason they’re taking this class is so they know about what college life is like and skills they’ll need later in life. So, if they take this introduction class when they’re in high school they don’t have to take it when they go to college in Colorado. Also, if they take it they get college credits and that can be transferred to any other college in Colorado. To pass the class you have to get a grade of C or higher.

Students have said that they have enjoyed taking this class.  YVHS Student Jack Ringer said, “I enjoy the class because I get to learn new life skills like healthy lifestyles and money management.”

Also, the teachers have said the class is beneficial because it gives students an opportunity to know what CMC is like.  YVHS teacher Greg Johnson said, “This class is beneficial because it gives them an idea of the CMC campus and see what a college education would be like.”

Dawson Van Pelt, a student from YVHS said, “I like the class because it’s moving me towards a college education.”   

The class has happened eight times starting in October and ending in December.  The class is for mature students getting ready for life after high school, so that’s why it’s only juniors and seniors.  This is the first time YVHS has had the opportunity for students to take this class and they hope to do it every year. This class is very beneficial to the students that take it because it teaches them things that can be very useful later on in life.