The Search for Steamboat’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookie.

By Seth Cadwell

I, personally am a cookie fanatic and eat cookies basically every day. So, naturally, I wanted to find the best tasting cookie for a good price. I narrowed it down to the best chocolate cookie in the bakeries in Steamboat. I went to four different bakeries in Steamboat including Freshies, Mountain brew, Smell That Bread, and Off The Beaten Path.

I decided to have a few categories for rating these cookies. The first one is the most important, which is softness of the cookie. Whether I can bite into it and have it melt into my mouth or does it break into a bunch of pieces and leave crumbs everywhere. The next category is the amount of chocolate, which goes into the next one which is the type of chocolate. The last one is the size of the cookie.

The first place I went to was Mountain Brew at 427 oak street. I went around 3:00 P.M.  in the afternoon so, the cookies were made a while ago. The cookies were a little brittle, but still pretty soft. They put a lot of milk chocolate in them which I appreciate a lot. The cookies were pretty large, but not too big, about the size of my palm.  I would say that the overall taste of the cookie was a 7/10. It was a little brittle, but it would have been better if I went earlier in the day.

The second place I went was Off The Beaten Path 68 9th St. This one was one of my favourites for sure. I showed up earlier than I did with Mountain Brew and these tasted just like they came out of the oven. Really warm and the chocolate would melt in your mouth. It was dark chocolate. They did not put too much chocolate in it but it was still pretty good

The third place I went to was Freshies Restaurant 595 S Lincoln Ave. I thought that this cookie was especially soft.  It was milk chocolate and they put just the right amount of chocolate to cookie ratio.  This was definitely the bigger cookie, but the cost was higher so it evens itself out. All in all, I give this cookie a 9/10.

The last place I went to was Smell That Bread, which is located at 135 11th St.  Their cookie was a little pricey for what I was expecting. The cookie wasn’t warm so it was pretty dry, but wasn’t super crumby which was a plus. It was milk chocolate which they put a pretty good amount of into the cookie.  This one was about the size of the Mountain Brew Cookie. It is a little hard to give a good size comparison. I would give this one a 7/10.

After going to most of the bakeries in Steamboat I have come up with the best cookie.  It was hard to find the best cookie because they were all different prices and sizes, but I think I figured it out. Tied for third is Mountain Brew and Smell That Bread. Both of these cookies were not bad I just thought they were a little dry for how expensive they both were. In second place was Freshies cookie. The price was a little expensive, but the cookie was fantastic. And now what we have all been waiting for,  the best cookie in steamboat is, Off The Beaten Path! This cookie was by far the softest cookie, right when I sunk my teeth into the soft dough there was an explosion of dark chocolate straight to my taste buds.