Where to Find Teen Fashion in Steamboat Springs!

By Avery Anderson

Finding clothes in small towns is hard when there are no major clothing outlets. It is especially hard when you are a teenager looking for the newest trends in young women’s fashion. Steamboat is one of these small towns, but we have a variety of boutiques that can fit a teenage girls clothing needs. Steamboat has boutiques that vary in uniqueness, price and style, all found downtown.

Each one of the boutiques has unique qualities that others don’t. Kali’s boutique for instance opened in 1997 on the mountain then soon moved downtown where the store could gain more popularity. The owner travels to shows to keep up with the trends and see what will best fit the store. The store has pre-priced clothes and negotiable clothes, it is on the higher end of clothing. “We keep up with the trends, but don’t want to be too trendy,” said Megan the store manager. Kali’s selects clothing that is trending and things that are a bit different from popular styles. Nothing that is sold out will re-enter the store, so nothing will be the same when customers come back.

Ruby Jane’s Boutique is fairly new to Steamboat and brings a nice mountain chic style for all ages. This boutique opened in June 2017. This is the sixth to open in Colorado. The owner has different selections for the store’s prices ranging from high to low. The inventory the owner chose for Steamboat is mountain chic. The manager Ashley states that one of the best parts of the job is, “seeing mothers and daughters come into the store and both leave with something.” The store also carries a variety of jewellery which has been a unique quality compared to other stores.

Chrysalis building has had a history in women’s clothing for about forty years with different names for each store. The styles are selected by a buyer who sees what fashions will target women in Steamboat, but unlike some stores, the buyer does not like to get anything that is too radically different. One of the nice things about Chrysalis is that when the buyer gets a good deal than that gets passed on to the customers. The store has a big local following with support from a variety of ages.

Fringe opened in December 2015 and has gained popularity more each day. The selection of clothing has a wide variety of prices, but you can find deals among the wide range of clothing. Prices are given, but if the online clothing prices drop the store likes to immediately follow; the same goes for the company store. Fringe also has a play area which is distinctive to there store, and nice for mom and big sister.

Urbane opened 11 years ago at the time the store was tailored toward snowboard equipment, but then it evolved into the skate/clothing store seen in Steamboat today. The owner goes to a lot of trade shows and tries to bring back the stiles from big cities so that Steamboat is not left out of the fash world. Urbane is geared to a younger crowd, but whole families can come in and find something they love. People can walk out of the store with something the might not buy, but with help, they can find something that fits their desires and expands the wardrobe. The manager Apple said, “Steamboat is kind of behind the times and Urbane helps to bring in the new trends.”

When searching these classy boutiques it can seem hard to find well-priced clothing, but I assure buyers that there are well-priced clothes that will fit your style in one of these boutiques. When shopping in Steamboat also remember clothing is unique to each of the stores, so there is no need to worry about having the same shirt as someone around town. Overall each of the stores has an amazing staff and great clothing at affordable prices and not so affordable prices.

Rolling On a New Attraction on the Mountain

By Spencer Thorne

Have you ever wondered what that big hunk of metal 40 feet above the ground on the mountain is? That hunk of metal is the longest mountain coaster in all of North America right here in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  

The mountain coaster can get up to 40 feet above ground and can max out at a 25 miles per hour. The mountain coaster goes more than 400 vertical feet on the mountain with 6,280 feet of track which makes our local mountain coaster is the longest in North America.  

The hours for the mountain coaster is very strange. It varies when they close depending on what day it is. Every day it opens up at 11:00 A.M. and closes either at 4:30 or 5:00 or 8:00 on Fridays and Saturdays. If you go to Steamboat Mountain website it will tell you what times they close if you are confused.  Here is a link to the times and prices. The cost for the mountain coaster is $35 if you want to drive the coster and $25 for the passenger.

I have gone on the mountain coaster once. I thought it was pretty fun and a good experience, but at the same time, I don’t believe I will be going on it again. It seems kind of like a waste of money to me, $25-35, for a one minute ride doesn’t seem like it is worth it to me, but if you are visiting here I would definitely recommend you to try it just because it is the longest mountain coaster in North America.

After have riding the longest mountain coaster in North America and having my own experience I would recommend that everyone should try it at least one time.

Predicting the Future of Snow

By Miguel Corredor

According to many websites this winter season is gonna have a La Nina effect. Meaning a cooling of the water in the equatorial Pacific that occurs at irregular intervals, causing a cooler temperature than usual. On the other side, El Nino, is warmer water temperatures making the temperature warmer.

Many people are wondering where all the snow is and when is it going to come, if it does. Well, let me tell you that having a La Nina season, it’s going to affect the snow by making it to come later in the season. La Nina usually bring a lot of snow do to the cooler temperatures, giving a lot of at champagne powder snow that everyone likes.

This information was gathered from  a couple of websites, but the main one was Almanac.com. This is a good website you should listen to because its has been a weather predictor since 1792. Also, they are 80% correct for most years and that’s pretty good for a prediction of the future.  They predict the weather forecasts from a secret formula that was devised by the founder of this Farmers Almanac, Robert Thomas. He believed that weather on Earth was influenced by sunspots, which are magnetic storms on the surface of the Sun.  

In conclusion the 2017-18 winter season is be pretty crappy at the beginning, but the snow should get really nice by the end. In my opinion I don’t really think weather predictions are very accurate, because weather is always changing, but from all the research I have done I predict that good snow is going to come in January, 2018. We are all waiting, so let it snow!

Healing With Music

By Noah Bacenko

Music With Vision is an organization that wants to connect with teens and adolescents. It aims to help them heal and grow through music. Music With Vision tries to help people with problems and addictions of any kind.

Music With Vision was made in collaboration with multiple non-profit agencies that share a desire to help at-risk teens and adolescents. They want to give the kids the opportunity to connect with other people by creating bonds and giving resiliency training through music. Music With Vision is not only a music program, it also addresses the root cause of addiction, depression, and other serious health issues in our community.

There is science to back this up. According to psychologist Daniel J. Levitin and his postgraduate research fellow, Mona Lisa Chanda, music improves the body’s immune system function and reduces stress. Also, according to people at Harvard, music therapy can help with people who are recovering from a stroke or a traumatic brain injury that has damaged the left side of the brain which is responsible for speech.

Music With Vision is about helping create a place of safety, and the opportunity to raise teens and adolescents self confidence with music. By utilizing music, Music With Vision is able to develop trusted relationships that lead to connectivity and other resilient traits. They’re there to help people with depression and addictions, but they are also there to teach people to play instruments and jam out.

Henery Howard introducing the Music With Vision ideas to YVHS students at the St. Paul Episcopal Church

Music with Vision’s main location is at St Paul’s Episcopal Church on the corner of 9th and Oak St. in Steamboat Springs, CO, but they also use the stage at Sk8 Church as another resource. It’s mainly used for lessons and recording. People can contact Program Director, Henry Howard, personally, by going to www.musicwithvision.org/application, or they can go to events that are held by Music With Vision.

Music With Vision picked music to connect with teens and adolescents because everyone loves music and the connection that comes with it. It is a universal language and music doesn’t ever lose value. Henry brought up how Bob Marley once said, “you never feel pain when music hits you.”

Henry also said ¨Its a community resource opportunity for collaborations with both young and old generations¨

Henry became part of Music with Vision because of his passion for music and he has had people he has known have had trouble with depression and/or addictions. Music With Vision has connections to Sk8 Church, Routt County, Ohana, the faith community, and they have a partnership with North West Health. They are also hoping to eventually have connections with the Boys and Girls Club.

Music With Vision is an overall great place to go for help if you need it, or even just to have a place to go just to jam out and have fun. People go there just to learn guitar, piano, drums, any instrument really that people want to learn and they try their best to help out and teach them.  

The Snow Flaked On US

By Will Dickhausen

With ski mountains opening all around Colorado, many people have been left wondering why barely any snow has made its way onto the ground and the peaks of our mountains. This year many ski towns have seen a very small amount of snow. Having a small amount of snow can have many effects, and change the everyday life of the average mountain town resident.

I wanted to observe ski mountains around Colorado to see if they haven’t gotten very much snow this year, so I looked at the average snowfall amount in November, and how much it is this year. I looked at data from Steamboat, Aspen, Vail, Breckenridge, Telluride, and Crested Butte from the website On The Snow.

Towns Steamboat Aspen Vail Brecken-ridge Telluride Crested Butte
Average November 25.4 in 26.8 in 28.9 in 24.4 in 24.7 in 27.6 in
2017 Amount 1 in 13 in 3 in 18 in 0 in 0 in

As you can see in the data above a lot of these ski towns lack a sufficient amount of snow, and none of the towns have met their average amount. The only reason we can ski on these mountains is because of the snow guns pumping out icy mists. If this pattern keeps up many businesses and ski enthusiasts will be bummed out this winter.

The view from the base of Steamboat Resort on Opening Weekend. Photo Credit: Eric Bender

It can also be very aggravating for locals who still have to walk around in the freezing winter temperatures, but get no benefits from the cold. Also, with a small amount of snow everything you can do outside in the summer becomes unavailable, but at the same time, we can’t fully enjoy our winter hobbies. Finally, having a bad ski season can affect many stores, and businesses in all of these towns. Especially the shops on the ski mountains. If this keeps up you may start seeing some protests to mother nature herself.

Even though in these towns we want to see as much snow as possible there are still some parts of the snow that nobody will miss. One of those things is having to drive in very hazardous conditions which can be stressful, and extremely scary. Although we rely on, and love to see tourists in our town, it’s also nice to have a little time where the town can be empty, and serene. Having to get yourself, and kids into heavy winter clothing every morning can also be quite the hassle that nobody enjoys. Although we want to see as much snow as possible, there are still some parts of not having snow that can make your day a little bit easier, and much more calm.

During the past November, many places in Colorado have gotten a very minuscule amount of snow on their mountains. Having almost no snow in a ski town can affect a lot of things from businesses to your hobbies, and everyday life. With the ski season early in the year we still have a large amount of time to see what kind of winter it is this year, so hopefully it will be a very white Christmas.

It’s Ok to Ask for Help. Options for Addiction Help in Steamboat Springs.

By Jason Eberhart

With the recent epidemic of overdoses in the Yampa Valley it is important to inform the community on the opportunities for help. That help can come in many different forms in this area. Whether it be a laid back approach, an accountable approach or a complete rehab program, Steamboat Springs has options.

A good first choice for help is Mind Springs Health. Program Director, Gina Toothaker, filled us in on how they offer support in the community. Though not a traditional rehab facility, they do have some options for those in need. They are located on 407 S Lincoln Ave, Steamboat Springs. They have outpatient treatment, individual counseling and group counseling. They also provide strategies for self improvement and change. Another program they offer is a DUI group, but it is court order.

Mind Springs enhanced outpatient program (EOP) is evidence based having three areas. First, there is a relapse prevention program. Second, they provide social groups for those recovering. Third, they have early recovery skills. You can stop by there office and grab a local treatment brochure or call them at  (970) 879-2141.

The second option is to go through Skate Church. One of the people you will encounter Is Buck Chavarria. He is the founder of Skate Church. He was the one to pave the way for the Crisis Prevention at Skate Church. He also does some of the counseling for crisis and any other situation. Buck also is NarCon certified which is a tool to immediately react to an overdose. The second person you will interact with is Dave Schramm, who I interviewed to for the information about Skate Church.. Dave is the main person at Skate Church as he is the Program Director. He is a licensed addiction counselor and does addiction, family and individual counseling.  

The main program at Skate Church for drug rehab and prevention is LIVE.  The inspiration for that is that the hope of the program is that with it you will turn your life around and be anew. They meet every Tuesday to do an activity and have meal. One example of these types of activities they do is that a few weeks ago they went dog sledding, with no cost to the participant.

The last major service Skate Church provides are referrals to rehab centers. They have sent people to different rehabs across the country and mainly work with Teen Challenge. One that they provide referrals for are 180 Ministries in Denver run by Teen Challenge. It is an all male center that is a spiritually lead program to have a better life. The second is an all female program in Utah also run by Teen Challenge. Skate Church also helps individuals with obtaining scholarships for rehab as it is expensive and they believe that should not be a hindrance to you and your better life. I am personally involved at Skate Church as a leader and volunteer.

The Foundry is the most traditional rehab program in Steamboat. It is a 90 day program, inpatient, with housing provided. They have state of the art detox programs, professional nurses and addiction counselors to help you through the rehabilitation process. They incorporate a spiritual lifestyle through the practice of meditation. While these practices feel uncomfortable at first, they find it greatly enhances the journey of addiction recovery. Yoga is another option to get rid of unhealthy habits, overcoming triggers, and developing a positive sense of health and well-being. They also provide you with opportunities to go out in the community and give back.they let you volunteer at many events such as 5K races, bike races, food drives and much more. All information has been gathered off there website.

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction know that it is ok to ask for help.

Let’s Grab a Slice

By Lauren Schneegas

I know how hard it is to find the perfect place to grab a slice of pizza, especially if you are on lunch break at school. To make life a little easier for the student who just wants to know where to grab a slice in Steamboat Springs without getting disappointed, I have investigated the two most popular pizzerias: Brooklyn’s Pizzeria and Blue Sage Pizza. I have visited both of these restaurants and compiled a list of 5 things that I wanted to investigate. Those 5 things are: price, size, crust, greasiness, and flavor.

The first pizzeria I went to was Blue Sage. The price of the pizza was $4.00. Investigating further, I noticed that Blue Sage has a wide variety of slices to choose from. From just cheese all the way to a deep pan margherita pizza. The slices were very large and satisfying. The crust was fluffy, but the pizza itself was really greasy. Personally, I do not like a lot of grease but some people do, and if you like the grease, this is the perfect place for your grease needs.

blue sage pizza

A few days after checking Blue Sage out, I figured I needed another pizza fix. So, I went over to Brooklyns. They only had two slices to choose from: cheese and pepperoni. One slice is $3.00 and was not very big. The crust was a classic brooklyn pizza crust and was also very greasy. I would say 2 of Brooklyn’s slices would amount to one of Blue Sage’s. Despite the grease and the size, the pizza itself was pretty darn good.

brooklyns pizza (1)

Overall, my investigation was a tasty success. I would highly recommend Blue Sage if you are hungry and want to have more choices than the classic cheese and pepperoni. The slices are bigger so if you have $6.00, you can get one slice at Blue Sage rather than two at brooklyn’s and feel the same amount of satisfaction. However, I would recommend you still try both pizzerias and pick what your personal favorite is.