The Adventures Make All the Difference at YVHS

By Jack Ringer

The Yampa Valley High School does these trips to amazing places. They are overnight field trips around Colorado. YVHS takes three trips; one in the fall, winter and spring. The reason that YVHS goes on the trips is that the school likes to try and put the students in an alternative learning environment. The students are enthusiastic about the trips because other schools don’t get to do these trips and they engage the students on a different level.

As a school, Yampa Valley High School does a lot of things people would never know. The school goes on three different trips to North Routt, Denver and Buena Vista.


In the fall YVHS goes to Steamboat Lake in North Routt and explores the area. The highlight of the trip is a hike up to the top of Hahn’s Peak, one of the most challenging hikes in the area.

The school goes on an Urban trip to Denver in the winter. They explore some colleges and go watch a play.


In the spring YVHS goes to Buena Vista to raft and does a high ropes course. Whitewater rafting on the Arkansas River is a thrilling experience for the students and staff as well. This is an end of the year trip for the Yampa Valley High School. The students enjoy the trips and find it a cool way to learn.

YVHS student Kyle Case said,”I like to climb cliffs and take pictures on the camping trips.”  

He went on to say he likes Urban Intensive the most. Yampa Valley High School also does things like play football or even fishing.

Senior Ezra Tebbenkamp said, “I enjoy school more after the intensives because it lets the kids connect more and it makes the school more of a family rather than a normal school setting.”

Junior Seth Caldwell said, “On my spare time on the intensives I like to hacky sack, hike and hang out in my tent and chill.” He also said. “Although the nature is beautiful and you can collect yourself, I still like the urban intensive more.”


The Urban Intensive is where the school goes to Denver and then goes to a couple colleges and explore them for a while. Then, we go to a hotel, dress up, and then go to a theatre play. After the play we go back to the hotel for free time.

The school goes on these trips because they like to change the environment and get a break from academics.

YVHS Dean Chuck Rosemond said, “They are unique, fun experiences. I like the students and the teachers more on these trips because people can connect. I feel that the students take away the fact that they’re closer to the staff and their peers.”

The students feel that these trips are fun and it helps with making the kids happier because they get a break away from school.

Junior Colter Christensen said, “I hope these trips are around forever so that there will be more fun to have.”