The Snow Flaked On US

By Will Dickhausen

With ski mountains opening all around Colorado, many people have been left wondering why barely any snow has made its way onto the ground and the peaks of our mountains. This year many ski towns have seen a very small amount of snow. Having a small amount of snow can have many effects, and change the everyday life of the average mountain town resident.

I wanted to observe ski mountains around Colorado to see if they haven’t gotten very much snow this year, so I looked at the average snowfall amount in November, and how much it is this year. I looked at data from Steamboat, Aspen, Vail, Breckenridge, Telluride, and Crested Butte from the website On The Snow.

Towns Steamboat Aspen Vail Brecken-ridge Telluride Crested Butte
Average November 25.4 in 26.8 in 28.9 in 24.4 in 24.7 in 27.6 in
2017 Amount 1 in 13 in 3 in 18 in 0 in 0 in

As you can see in the data above a lot of these ski towns lack a sufficient amount of snow, and none of the towns have met their average amount. The only reason we can ski on these mountains is because of the snow guns pumping out icy mists. If this pattern keeps up many businesses and ski enthusiasts will be bummed out this winter.

The view from the base of Steamboat Resort on Opening Weekend. Photo Credit: Eric Bender

It can also be very aggravating for locals who still have to walk around in the freezing winter temperatures, but get no benefits from the cold. Also, with a small amount of snow everything you can do outside in the summer becomes unavailable, but at the same time, we can’t fully enjoy our winter hobbies. Finally, having a bad ski season can affect many stores, and businesses in all of these towns. Especially the shops on the ski mountains. If this keeps up you may start seeing some protests to mother nature herself.

Even though in these towns we want to see as much snow as possible there are still some parts of the snow that nobody will miss. One of those things is having to drive in very hazardous conditions which can be stressful, and extremely scary. Although we rely on, and love to see tourists in our town, it’s also nice to have a little time where the town can be empty, and serene. Having to get yourself, and kids into heavy winter clothing every morning can also be quite the hassle that nobody enjoys. Although we want to see as much snow as possible, there are still some parts of not having snow that can make your day a little bit easier, and much more calm.

During the past November, many places in Colorado have gotten a very minuscule amount of snow on their mountains. Having almost no snow in a ski town can affect a lot of things from businesses to your hobbies, and everyday life. With the ski season early in the year we still have a large amount of time to see what kind of winter it is this year, so hopefully it will be a very white Christmas.