It’s Ok to Ask for Help. Options for Addiction Help in Steamboat Springs.

By Jason Eberhart

With the recent epidemic of overdoses in the Yampa Valley it is important to inform the community on the opportunities for help. That help can come in many different forms in this area. Whether it be a laid back approach, an accountable approach or a complete rehab program, Steamboat Springs has options.

A good first choice for help is Mind Springs Health. Program Director, Gina Toothaker, filled us in on how they offer support in the community. Though not a traditional rehab facility, they do have some options for those in need. They are located on 407 S Lincoln Ave, Steamboat Springs. They have outpatient treatment, individual counseling and group counseling. They also provide strategies for self improvement and change. Another program they offer is a DUI group, but it is court order.

Mind Springs enhanced outpatient program (EOP) is evidence based having three areas. First, there is a relapse prevention program. Second, they provide social groups for those recovering. Third, they have early recovery skills. You can stop by there office and grab a local treatment brochure or call them at  (970) 879-2141.

The second option is to go through Skate Church. One of the people you will encounter Is Buck Chavarria. He is the founder of Skate Church. He was the one to pave the way for the Crisis Prevention at Skate Church. He also does some of the counseling for crisis and any other situation. Buck also is NarCon certified which is a tool to immediately react to an overdose. The second person you will interact with is Dave Schramm, who I interviewed to for the information about Skate Church.. Dave is the main person at Skate Church as he is the Program Director. He is a licensed addiction counselor and does addiction, family and individual counseling.  

The main program at Skate Church for drug rehab and prevention is LIVE.  The inspiration for that is that the hope of the program is that with it you will turn your life around and be anew. They meet every Tuesday to do an activity and have meal. One example of these types of activities they do is that a few weeks ago they went dog sledding, with no cost to the participant.

The last major service Skate Church provides are referrals to rehab centers. They have sent people to different rehabs across the country and mainly work with Teen Challenge. One that they provide referrals for are 180 Ministries in Denver run by Teen Challenge. It is an all male center that is a spiritually lead program to have a better life. The second is an all female program in Utah also run by Teen Challenge. Skate Church also helps individuals with obtaining scholarships for rehab as it is expensive and they believe that should not be a hindrance to you and your better life. I am personally involved at Skate Church as a leader and volunteer.

The Foundry is the most traditional rehab program in Steamboat. It is a 90 day program, inpatient, with housing provided. They have state of the art detox programs, professional nurses and addiction counselors to help you through the rehabilitation process. They incorporate a spiritual lifestyle through the practice of meditation. While these practices feel uncomfortable at first, they find it greatly enhances the journey of addiction recovery. Yoga is another option to get rid of unhealthy habits, overcoming triggers, and developing a positive sense of health and well-being. They also provide you with opportunities to go out in the community and give back.they let you volunteer at many events such as 5K races, bike races, food drives and much more. All information has been gathered off there website.

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction know that it is ok to ask for help.