Let’s Grab a Slice

By Lauren Schneegas

I know how hard it is to find the perfect place to grab a slice of pizza, especially if you are on lunch break at school. To make life a little easier for the student who just wants to know where to grab a slice in Steamboat Springs without getting disappointed, I have investigated the two most popular pizzerias: Brooklyn’s Pizzeria and Blue Sage Pizza. I have visited both of these restaurants and compiled a list of 5 things that I wanted to investigate. Those 5 things are: price, size, crust, greasiness, and flavor.

The first pizzeria I went to was Blue Sage. The price of the pizza was $4.00. Investigating further, I noticed that Blue Sage has a wide variety of slices to choose from. From just cheese all the way to a deep pan margherita pizza. The slices were very large and satisfying. The crust was fluffy, but the pizza itself was really greasy. Personally, I do not like a lot of grease but some people do, and if you like the grease, this is the perfect place for your grease needs.

blue sage pizza

A few days after checking Blue Sage out, I figured I needed another pizza fix. So, I went over to Brooklyns. They only had two slices to choose from: cheese and pepperoni. One slice is $3.00 and was not very big. The crust was a classic brooklyn pizza crust and was also very greasy. I would say 2 of Brooklyn’s slices would amount to one of Blue Sage’s. Despite the grease and the size, the pizza itself was pretty darn good.

brooklyns pizza (1)

Overall, my investigation was a tasty success. I would highly recommend Blue Sage if you are hungry and want to have more choices than the classic cheese and pepperoni. The slices are bigger so if you have $6.00, you can get one slice at Blue Sage rather than two at brooklyn’s and feel the same amount of satisfaction. However, I would recommend you still try both pizzerias and pick what your personal favorite is.