The Ramen Epidemic: Part 1, How it Began

By Colter Christensen

At the beginning of the year the school Yampa Valley High School did something that has never been tried here before. They gave the kids something incredibly generous, RAMEN!!! The ramen was a hot topic in the beginning of the year as the school was selling it like crazy. The kitchen quickly became the place to be. People were constantly waiting for the microwave.

Time became a big issue with the whole thing. School wasn’t the priority any more. People were fixated on the ramen. They didn’t care if they didn’t got to class on time. All they cared about was fulfilling their noodle craving. By the time they were finished with the delicious, salty dish they didn’t have time to clean up the mess they had created. Walking into the kitchen and seeing what was left was disturbing. The remains of the chaos that took place the class break before left a chilling image. You could only imagine what had happened moments before.

This continued for months. The Crew (YVHS’s Home Room) who cleaned the kitchen were in a rage every afternoon for the mess they were forced to clean up. One of the problems was that kids who didn’t have to clean up the kitchen didn’t care what kind of mess they left because it wasn’t theirs to clean up.

The kitchen crew had had enough and so did the teachers, the last mess had been the straw that broke the camel’s back. All the students came to school thinking it was going to be a regular school day. During the first class period we heard a bloodcurdling scream from the halls. Despite warnings from the teachers, we all ran out of the classrooms to see what had happened. A young student screaming outside our counselor Allison’s office. 

“What happened,” said one of the students at the front of the massive horde of people that had built up.  

With fear in her voice, “Its gone… its all gone,” she exclaimed!

“Whats gone?”

“The ramen,” said a loud booming voice from far in the back. It was Chuck Rosemond, our Dean of Students. 

The crowd let out a huge gasp.

Next, on the Ramen Epidemic: Part 2, protests in the school, and finding the solution.