Hiking for Credit

Joey Stonehocker- At the Yampa Valley High School the Friday hikes are a good source of energy output for our modern teens. YVHS doesn’t have a traditional P.E. class so, it allows the students of YVHS  to be released on one of the many nature hikes here in Steamboat Springs. On the hikes YVHS has a long semi straight file line on about a two hour hike up and down. The hikes are how we get P.E. credits and as a student I prefer this method because it’s not a survival of the fittest environment like in a traditional gym class.

Being in high school is a tough and confusing time but, the hikes are a nice release from the world for a short time. In nature is a good time to release stress and think about anything on your mind. It’s a good pastime away from school where you can relax and just walk. Fresh air is key for a healthy mind and body, so why not be on a hike.

P.E. class in traditional schools can be difficult especially if you have a larger class. If you have trouble keeping up in gym class, the hikes are a little more your own speed. On the hike you can choose what pace you want to set yourself at. It’s all around a nice hike where you can   talk to your friends or get to know people without being chased, or having stuff flung at you The uphill part of every hike is pretty bad but, going down is super easy.

Some hikes we go on we have to take a bus to the location, such as Mad Creek or Rabbit Ears. Other times we can just walk from the school, such as Emerald mountain up to the Quarry. Regardless of rain or shine we go on the hikes. If it’s snowing we put on snowshoes and do it anyway. If you don’t have a jacket or gloves or whatever it is you need the school will loan it to you.

I hope you see why we should go on hikes instead of gym class. If you ever see us out and about come say hi!