Picture by Matt Stensland of the Steamboat Pilot

The Love Of Competition

Chase Adams- One thing I love about tennis is the ability to kick somebody’s behind. Being competitive has always had an impact on me. Trying to win everything that I play has always been something I love to do. Tennis is a game where you will always face an opponent who is better than you. Therefore, the more work I put into my game the more success you gain from the sport.

Tennis gives me the chance to battle by myself and not have to rely on a partner to win a match. When playing tennis I can push myself to the best of my ability and achieve greatness. No matter how hard you practice and compete in tournaments, there will always be one opponent that can beat you. I love being on top of the USTA brackets, so others won’t forget how strong I am as an athlete. So when they read the name “Chase Adams” on their tennis bracket, they will know the competitiveness they need to beat me. Seeing other opponents with larger USTA points than me, hurts. Especially when I know I am a stronger athlete than them.

Tennis is a great sport with plenty of tactics to learn. One tactic that is hard to learn is to play the tennis ball and not your opponent. This means always try to stay on offense and in control of the ball. Don’t let your opponent control the game by running you around. Find your strong points in your tennis game and use them to the best of your ability.

I as a tennis player I do not believe in pressure. Pressure is a made up feeling that only you can tell yourself if it’s real or not. When I get into intense rally’s, I keep my cool and I play smart. I don’t wonder where my opponent’s ball is going to land. I capitalize on the shots that I know I can hit. I focus on the point, not the pressure that’s assigned with the point.

Playing for my high school tennis team has been a blast, especially when you do extremely well in tournaments. Getting asked questions by your local newspaper reporters makes me feel important to the team. Another great feeling is when your peers read your newspaper article and congratulate you based on how well you did. What matters most is that people actually care! That excitement only makes me want to push my game further and show them how well I can do.

While my high school career is over, playing tournaments all over Colorado will increase my USTA points, and increase my ranking in the community. The higher USTA points you are able to collect, the more difficult your opponents will turn out to be! Anyone has the capability to play tennis for fun as they grow old, but I will choose to carry on my competitive spirit  through many upcoming USTA tournaments.

Tennis is a sport with many perks to help you with your everyday emotions. Some people enjoy tennis for taking time out of their day to get out and exercise. I enjoy tennis after a stressful day of work or school, so I can take my aggression out on the tennis ball and not others!